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Cloud Airport spas - OUR £220,000 Crowdfunding SUCCESS STORY!

People judge crowdfunding campaigns really quickly. More quickly than you’d believe. More quickly they’re even they’re aware of - and, because the video is the first thing they’ll look at, it needs to be the shining crest of your campaign. 

A great crowdfunding video can help encourage the viewers to invest because they get to see what exactly they are financing, whether that’s you or the product/service.

Crowdfunding videos fall in a spectrum between campaign-destroyingly woeful to earth-ascending masterpieces. If you can afford to, it’s often worth investing some of your potential earnings on a professional video. Your hordes of impressed backers will end up footing the bill. Including a video in your Kickstarter campaign can literally make or break your chance of success: projects with videos succeed at a rate of 50%, while projects without videos only succeed at a rate of 30%. On Indiegogo, the stats are even more telling: campaigns that use a pitch video raise 115% more money than campaigns that just use a simple image.

With 20 years experience working on award-winning Television Campaigns, we know how to tell a story in a short amount of time and get your message across.

Cloud Airport Spas wanted a slick fund-raising Video to promote their services on fund-raising site,Crowd Cube. The video had to work hard to convey their message clearly and easily in order to persuade potential investors of the sound investment opportunity. A two-man team filmed in Manchester Airport for two days and the video was extremely effective as Cloud Spas successfully over-funded their target of £220,000.


“KDH Creative did a great job for Cloud Airport Spas, from initial concept through to script-writing, storyboarding and filming. I found them totally professional, talented, with a fast turnaround and on budget. I would recommend them for any crowd-funding video and anything else that requires oiut-of-the-box creativity.Very pleased, thank you”

Joel Sutton, CEO, Cloud Airport Spas

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